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Monika Zdziebkowska

As fashion and action photographer I am looking forward to start using your GoPro accessories as I will be bringing GoPro Hero 4 to my photo sessions, fashion shows and sports events.

As a brand ambassador I can assure that having the best gear protection is extremely important especially when shooting on locations like sandy beaches, or when running from show to show having very little time to quickly secure equipment and move it to next event.

As a person I am passionate about photography, fashion, music, travel, meeting new people, discovering new cultures, inspire and help others to bring the best of them so they can reach there dreams.

I am open for the new possibilities and ready for challenges life brings our way every day.

As a globetrotter there are many places I still have on my bucket list, but the main one are: Hawaii, New Zealand, Japan and Nepal. I would wake up early morning, pack my cameras and till late night I would be taking tones of pictures, writing down stories heard from the local people, trying to find hidden treasures that only locals knows about etc.