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Hayden Willis

About myself: The word that best describes me is waterlust. I do or have done just about every watersport there is, all while capturing it on the Gopro. I am also active in just about every board sport there is. I skateboard, snowboard, wakeboard, skimboard, and everything else. I am from Louisiana.

Favorite case: My buddy has the Compact case, but my favorite is the H4 case. I use it to store my camera, as well as some of the smaller accessories.

Looking forward to: I am looking forward to promoting the product from Gocase, and really being a part of the GOcase community.

If I could live anywhere: If I could live anywhere for a month it would be Hawaii. While I'm there, I would go on tons of explorations, from the highest points of the mountains overlooking the oceans, to cliff jumping into the awesome waves. And I would capture it all on my GoPro!