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Madison Riccardi

I am a Writer, Photographer and Podcast Host from Southern California. I attend music festivals and concerts very frequently and I voice my opinions on music and all things in the EDM community on Only The Beat where I am a contributing writer and photographer. I only host the Beat Drop Podcast for Only The Beat. I always have a camera with me, weather it be my iPhone, DSLR or my GoPro, I am always filming or taking pictures. Madison's Lens is where I showcase all my photography and soon to be films. 
What I am looking forward to most about being an Ambassador is just sharing everything I can about GOcase and telling people about you guys and what you do. I love sharing companies with people and I could see a lot of people in the EDM community using GOcase products. 
I would love to live in CapeTown, South Africa. I would just love to explore cities within Cape Town and visits Table Mountain and all sorts of place. I would take pictures of all of the places I visited to show everyone when I came back to my hometown and tell stories of what I experienced when I was there.