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Zach Robichon

I am a race car driver from Ottawa, Canada. I have completed my undergraduate degree in Economics at the University of Ottawa and am currently pursuing my Masters. Racing has been a life long passion of mine, not only on the car racing track but also on the slopes where I started ski racing when I was only 4 years old, between the two sports the passion for speed, competing and racing has never died down. During the summer, I can always be found at the race track but during the winter you’ll find me on the ski hill. I love to stay active and rarely go a day without doing something to keep busy.
My favourite GOcase is the H4 Compact case since it allows me to travel safely with my camera, and its compact size makes it the perfect case to have with me at all times. 
As a GOcase Ambassador I am looking forward to being able to help promote the GOcase products and showing off their offerings to everyone in the racing community; all the while being associated with a great company!
If I had to pick somewhere to live for a month it would be Monaco. It is one of the most incredible and beautiful cities in the world and it just so happens to be the home of the most famous track in car racing.