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Jeff Stephens

I’m from Northern California, and I have had my GoPro for almost two years now. I bought my GoPro because I wanted to get some pictures of my outdoor activities. Now I take my GoPro everywhere and am always trying to get that cool shot with it. Volleyball is my passion, and I get to travel a lot because of it. I try to take advantage of my time in different places and get pictures. At home, I have all the lakes in the Sierra Nevada’s and the main one - Lake Tahoe. I Mountain bike and Paddleboard mostly but also Surf, Snowboard, and Wakeboard. I go up to Tahoe when I can. There are so many outdoor activities. Lately, I have been going on a lot of hikes and taking scenic pictures.


I have the H4 Compact Case and love it. It is small enough to throw in a backpack. It has a slot for the remote and an extra battery. Plus a bigger spot for any other little accessories you want to through in. It’s perfect for keeping my GoPro protected. I really like the silicone sleeve as well. It fits the GoPro case perfectly. It is a piece of mind for me having it on. Keeps the case somewhat protected from impacts as well as if something goes wrong it is a bright orange and makes the GoPro easier to find. I once lost my GoPro snowboarding before I had the silicone case. It took me almost an hour before I found it. The orange cover will make it much easier to find.


I love sharing products with people. Especially when the quality is high and the price is reasonable. My friends who use GoPro’s all like the products I have showed them from GoCase. I feel that some of the best accessories come from companies that are not GoPro. Most of GoPro’s products I feel like you’re paying for the name and are not always the greatest. GoCase products are great and easy to promote.


 I would want to travel somewhere tropical and a different country. Philippines, Tahiti, Thailand - any of those would be amazing! Being able to go into the tropical waters for surfing and snorkeling would be amazing. I would want to get SCUBA certified so I could spend more time in the water and get amazing pictures. Not only having the water activities, but hikes in the jungles and finding waterfalls would be amazing.