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Best GoPro Videos Of All Time: Lonnie Kauk

The Internet is filled with amazing and awe-inspiring GoPro videos from some of the most dynamic athletes in the world, so we're launching a new series to celebrate that. GOcase is a leader in providing protective cases for the POV camera revolution, and we are excited to present our favorite GoPro videos for your viewing pleasure.

GoPro has enabled action sports and adventure-based athletes to capture action like never before. We know that most outdoorsmen and women are hard on their equipment and expect it to toe-the-line when deep in the backcountry or in route to surfing a far off point break. GOcase’s well-designed compact GoPro cases are the perfect addition to any outdoor adventurer’s quiver. So, let the countdown begin:

Lonnie Kauk is a professional snowboarder and rock climber that is one of the only multi-discipline athletes to bag two major magazine covers in both of his respective sports. Son of legendary climber Ron Kauk, Lonnie has been putting up huge free solos (no ropes) around Yosemite Valley and in Bishop, CA. Lonnie is taking free soloing to the next level and bringing his GoPro along with him to document the insanity.

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