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Finding The Zone

It’s no secret that world-class athletes use inspiring music to get into the zone before competition. Listening to music is a way for athletes to channel out the madness that surrounds them and focus on the task at hand. From the mysterious Marshawn Lynch to Brazil’s first World Champion surfer, Gabriel Medina, the very best athletes can often be seen pre-competition with headphones on looking ferociously focused.

As a number of athletes have gained recognition for their music inspired pre-event meditation, we have chosen our four favorite athletes that can been caught getting into the groove before they take to the field, pool, or Pipeline.


Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch
Photo Courtesy of: Mike Morris


Well known for his media silence and ability to mow down defenders, the Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has become a polarizing figure in the NFL. Lynch, other wise known as “Beast Mode”, has become as well known for his off the field antics, as his all out running assault. The former Super Bowl champ and NFL fine collector is rarely seen pre or post-game without his custom 24k Gold Monster Headphones. If anyone seems to really benefit from pre-game tunes, it’s Marshawn, as his running back abilities are on point even when play calling isn't.



Like Prince and Cher, Brazilian National Captain and World Cup notable, Neymar, is well known for his devotion and endorsement with Beats by Dre. The young soccer player has been featured in Beats commercials and was even the center of a recent World Cup controversy, as FIFA has an exclusive deal with Sony, which Neymar refused to comply with. Unfortunately, Neymar suffered a serious injury in last years World Cup, which sidelined him for the later portion of the tournament. However, whatever beats he was rocking before being hurt must have been working, as he still received the Bronze Boot as the tournaments third top goal scorer.


Michael Phelps

 Michael Phelps
Courtesy of SOL Republic


Michael Phelps is the most decorated athlete in Olympic Game’s history, with an astonishing 22 Olympic Medals displayed proudly on his mantle. Phelps, also known as the bad boy of swimming, is rarely seen without his headphones on pre-race. Whatever he is listening to in those magical SOL’s is working, as he seems to always be in top form. Finding the zone isn’t something Phelps has struggled with in his career. The young man from Maryland absolutely smashes records and leaves other swimmers in his wake.


Gabriel Medina

Young Gabby, as he is referred to in surf circles, is such a competitive force that even 11-time ASP World Champion, Kelly Slater, looked lost in heats against him this past season. Medina won the 2014 World Title at the world famous Banzai Pipeline in which he later finished in second place to Australia’s, Julian Wilson. Medina made history by becoming Brazil’s first ever (short board) ASP World Champ, and he is being totted as the reigning king of the new Brazilian insurgency. All though Medina is only 20 years old, he’s well known for his fierce competitiveness, which includes his pre-heat headphone draped routine, which is one part warm up and one part Zen meditation. Gabriel is known to bump his favorite rap music pre-heat, and judging by how successful his 2014 campaign was, we don’t predict there to be any changes for the 2015 tour.

So, there you have it. What song gets you in the zone?

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