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2015 Bucket List Adventures

The spirit of adventure runs deep in our souls. It’s what drives us forward, and any good adventurer worth his or her salt in outdoor equipment has a bucket list of far of locales that drive them forward. Whether it’s a climbing expedition on one of the world’s foremost peaks, or a tropical surf getaway, the call of the wild is strong and should be answered.

From Everest to Antarctica, some of the world most inspiring adventurers have been pushing the boundaries of exploration, and most of us can only sit back and watch the progression unfold. However, everyone should have their adventure bucket list, and these are some of the outdoor worlds biggest trophies. If you are looking for bucket list inspiration, look no further as any one of these destinations will surely provide bragging rights and plenty of memories.

Climb Mt. Everest


The crown jewel in the adventure bucket list has to be the world’s tallest peak. Even though serious alpinists don’t consider Everest’s more traditional routes very technically challenging, there is no doubt that Everest holds a certain allure that other peaks don’t. It is now easily obtainable for average climbers to bag the world’s tallest peak due to the tireless work of Sherpa’s and mountain guides, and even though there are rumors that guides will pretty much drag clients to the summit, it is definitely something that should be treated with unrivalled respect. In other words start training now, even if you are years from flying to the Himalayas.


Surf Irish Slabs


People don’t necessarily think of Ireland as a surf destination as it doesn’t exactly evoke images of bikinis and tanning oil. However, Ireland sports some of the heaviest slabs in the world. And while it might not be Hawaii, Ireland’s rugged landscape and barren coast is beyond picturesque. The best part about Irish slab hunting is that when you do score, it will most likely be with just you, your friends, and possibly a few locals out in the lineup.


Ski Antarctica

While your friends think they are extreme because they skied a double black diamond in Aspen. You can take down the grand puba of ski and snowboard expedition adventure on the worlds southern most continent. For the last few years more and more footage has been surfacing of skiers and snowboarders bagging first descents on the rugged continent. Even if you don’t bag a first decent, just getting to Antarctica is a harrowing adventure as you will most likely have to charter a sailboat and make it through some of the most rugged seas in the world. Pack your thermals, down parka, and hot chocolate.


Race Through Patagonia

While some people book weeklong stays at cushy resorts, true adventurers buck conventional wisdom to race through rugged landscapes like the craggy peaks found in Patagonia. The Wenger Patagonia Expedition Race is ten days of sheer insanity as competitors climb, mountain bike, kayak, and hike through some of the most remote parts of Patagonia. The Wenger isn’t for the weak of heart though as not only will you be trekking through some of the worlds must rugged terrain, but you will also be doing so with little sleep and no map.


Whitewater Raft the Zambezi River in Zimbabew & Zambia

If you enjoy spine tingling class five whitewater rapids and exotic locales, than a trip to the Zambezi will most definitely need to be on your adventure bucket list. The Batoka Gorge is one of the most intense whitewater rapids in the world, offering 23 rapids in a 15-mile stretch below the world’s largest waterfall, Victoria Falls. If you want to bag a whitewater trip that will leave your friends drooling in envy, than sending it straight down the Zambezi is the way to go.


Add one or all of these bucket list adventures to your dream trip list and always remember to protect your electronics and POV cameras with GOcase, because it didn’t really happen if you don’t have the footage to prove it!






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