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Introducing The Pro-Clip & Pro-Sleeve

Sick of using up suction mounts or always moving your GoPro from one base to the next? We feel you, and that's why we launched the PRO-Clip. We've made it simple and sturdy. Just clip it right on your hat, backpack, belt, or whatever you fancy! Forget about those silly headstraps or weird chest harnesses.

And that's only half of the good news. The PRO-Sleeve replaces goofy skins with a functional & stylish silicon case. Maybe you're a little accident prone - no big. It's like an OtterBox for your GoPro! With winter coming to an end, check out this sweet little clip and reminisce about winter.


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Joe Silin
Joe Silin

March 23, 2015

great idea. Wish I was skiing with you… I am busting a move myself soon

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