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Beginners Guide to Becoming a Music Producer

Making Beats
Whether you want to learn how to craft beats for you and your friends, or you plan on becoming the next billionaire producer a la Dr. Dre, you have to start somewhere. Luckily, with a plethora of online options, learning music production is easier than ever.

If you are a budding music producer who is passionate about making music, then it is important to research and master the many ways professional producers use equipment and sample sounds.
If you have ever dreamed of making a living with your music, then keep these key elements in mind when laying down your first tracks.

Equipment Won’t Make You Great
While it is fun to fantasize about building out your dream studio, it isn’t necessary to spend your whole life savings on your first few pieces of equipment. A lot of budding producers make the mistake of overspending on equipment and then never using it. While expensive equipment might look cool, it won’t make you a great musician, as that takes time, patience, and practice. Start small and make wise investments, and only buy new equipment when you absolutely need it.

Educate Yourself
Learning is fundamental, especially when you are interested in making awesome music. Luckily, there are a number of online options for learning basic and advanced elements of production. Online resources such as ADSR Sounds and Lynda offer online tutorials and courses.

Find A Mentor
Almost every successful producer has had someone that showed him or her the ropes. Finding a mentor that can help guide you through the production process will give you an instant leg up on your competition. Find someone in your local community, or someone you can connect with online to help guide you through how to properly maximize all of your new gear.

Back Up Everything
Once you start pushing your equipment, especially your computer equipment, you will become more susceptible to crashes. No matter what your budget is, allocate a portion of it for buying external hard drives. Don’t go through the emotional strife of losing everything you have created. There is no worse feeling than losing a track or multiple tracks that you have poured your blood, sweat, and tears into.

Work, Work, Work
All of the best producers sit behind their boards everyday regardless of how inspired they are feeling at the time. Production is a craft and should be treated as such, if you aren’t willing to be disciplined, then your learning curve will be long and tedious. This doesn’t mean you have to quit your job and spend 12 hours a day in your mom’s basement, but you should at least set aside a part of everyday to work on your projects.
Keep these things in mind when learning how to create your masterpieces, and as always protect your headphones with our GoCase Headphone cases

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