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Traveling Light with GOcase

Traveling is always exciting and often filled with anticipation, especially when you’re an adventurer or creative. Anyone who has traveled with their GoPro, or any other consumer electronic, knows how important it is to keep all of your valuables safe and protected. The avid traveler also knows that it is critical to utilize space, as traveling light is not only easier, but more cost efficient as well.

GOcases not only offer stylish and compact protection for consumer electronics, they also offer additional space to hold the things you need at a moment’s notice when traveling the country or world. Throw these additional items in your GOcase on your next adventure, and know that GOcase has got your back, even when things get hairy.


It’s essential to have a safe place to stash your passport anytime you are on an international adventure. It can be risky to leave your passport unattended in a hotel room, especially in high-risk areas. Whether you’re out for a day of shooting epic GoPro footage, or just sightseeing, throw your passport in your GOcase, and relax knowing you can head home if things start to hit the fan.

SD Cards and Hard Drives

The last thing you want to do is run out of memory on your camera when the waves start firing or the powder reaches epic proportions. Carrying extra memory with you is always important for logging footage and having additional space to capture all the action. With the additional storage in our GOcase’s you will always know that you are prepared when things are about to get exciting.


Our GoPro cases are built with a sleeve that is perfect for housing your tablet when you are traveling. Whether you’re an avid reader or looking to edit footage on the go, you can always rest in comfort knowing that your tablet is well protected.

Additional Lenses

For any serious filmmaker and even for some not so serious filmmakers, additional GoPro lenses are a must for capturing truly amazing footage. Lenses are usually the most expensive part of a good camera set up, and any avid filmmaker will do their best to protect them at all costs. Our GoPro cases offer additional storage so you can make sure that your lenses perform well when you need them most.

Travel Journal

Every good adventurer needs a trusty travel journal to log his or her experiences. From white water rafting down some rugged rapids to skiing the Alps, reliving the journey through your own writing is an amazing treat that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Grab a package of Field Notes, throw them in your GOcase, and never forget the time a giant snake crawled into your tent in the Amazon.

Smart Phone

Last but not least are our beloved and highly versatile smart phones. Most of us don’t leave home without our handheld devices, and for good reason, as they can function as everything from a MP3 player to a high-resolution digital camera. Not only that, they can call for help when we find ourselves pushing the limits on our adventure travels. All of our cases offer ample space for you to store your smart phone assuring that it is protected from the elements and whatever else your travels throw at you.


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