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How to Shoot An Awe Inspiring GoPro Video

We have all been entranced by the epic GoPro videos of action sports athletes and modern day adventures willingly throwing themselves in the face of danger for an awe inspiring clip. While many of these adrenaline chasing adventure athletes have production budgets, professional videographers, and years of experience, it doesn’t mean we can’t attempt to emulate their cinematography techniques to produce our own high quality GoPro videos.

Amateur filmmakers around the world are starting to use GoPro’s as a way to capture life’s most memorable moments and for good reason. The extremely versatile high-definition cameras can be utilized to make movie magic. Even if you own a GoPro, you might be wondering how you can take your videos to the next level. And while you may not have a enough money to rent helicopters or fly to exotic locations for your GoPro clips, it doesn’t mean you can use some simple filming and editing techniques to make your videos really soar.

Try these techniques when filming your next GoPro video, and maybe you will become the world’s next YouTube sensation.

Eliminate Vibration-

One of the more common issues with consumer GoPro videos is the amount of vibration. Many aspiring filmmakers don’t take this into account, only to come home and realize they produced a video that is nausea inducing. No need to fret, as there are a host of accessories and techniques to help with image stabilization. One of the most interesting and useful techniques is holding your GoPro up to your mouth. If you have a grip for your GoPro, this technique comes in handy, and will help to assure that you shoot smooth fluid videos.

Try New Angles-

One of the coolest elements of filming with a GoPro is the insane amount of angles you can utilize. With some inguinity, zip-ties, and duct tape you can attach your GoPro to almost anything. If you are looking for ways to push your edits to the next level, experiment and try to capture all of the action from different vantage points. Whether you’re a down hill mountain biker who wants to capture some POV footage, or you are interested in making a DIY cable cam, there a ton of options for capturing compelling angles.


With the advent of inexpensive video editing software almost anyone can make high quality consumer videos. If you have a Mac you can use the already installed iMovie, but programs like Final Cut make becoming an aspiring filmmaker a breeze. Now you can sync footage to music (pro-tip: try to sync footage with the tempo of songs you use), add narrative dialogue, and add effects. Get creative and have fun with your editing - it is one of the best ways for a filmmaker to define their style.

Get a Drone-

Drones are all the rage these days, and you don’t even have to be an international spy to own one. Drones can completely reinvent the way you shoot, as it brings a whole new style of filming to the table. It was nearly impossible to capture certain follow cam and birds-eye view angles before drones, but now film makers can shoot amazing footage without dropping a small fortune on heli rentals.

Block The Glare-

Another common mistake that aspiring videographers make is that they don’t work with the light to optimize their footage. Most GoPro users are shooting outside, many times in bright conditions, which can create banding in your videos. One quick and simple solution is to use a cheap ND filter, which you place directly over the front lens. This will help reduce glare and assure that you are capturing amazing footage every time you are in the outdoors.

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