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3 Things To Know About Taking Care of Your GoPro

These days, no thrill-seeker, adventurer or daredevil is complete without their GoPro. Although they are sturdy little companions, they do require a little care. Taking a few simple measures to protect your GoPro will extend the life of your camera and ensure that it’s always ready for action whenever you are.


After an excursion, the waterproof housing of your GoPro is likely to be pretty beat up. This is the part of the camera that takes the most abuse, and it is prone to collecting dirt and residue which can seriously - even permanently - damage your camera if not cleaned and cared for properly.

You should carefully remove the camera from the casing, taking special care not to touch the lens. Use compressed air to remove any dirt or sand from the lens. DO NOT WIPE THE LENS. If there is any dirt on it, wiping it will scratch the lens and pretty much destroy your GoPro. And speaking of…


As a first precaution, we recommend a lens shield like this. Once you have blown away all the dirt and residue with compressed air (or your mouth if you’ve got some serious lung-power), then and only then is it time to clean the lens. Many will recommend simply breathing on it to fog it up, but a good zoom lens cleaning solution is best. Then, use a lens cloth or cleaning kit to wipe it down and you’re good to go…pro.


To be safe, it’s best to make sure your camera is always in a protective GoPro carrying case when not in use. There are a ton of great ones out there made just for GoPro cameras. Make sure everything fits snugly in the case so it doesn’t rattle around too much in transit. Even though these things are made to withstand a beating, you’re better off keeping it protected in its down-time.


Take note of these tips and your GoPro will live a long and prosperous life full of many adventures.

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