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GoPro Tips: Shooting In Low Light

This post comes compliments of our GOcase Ambassador Mike Campbell. Be sure to give him a follow!

If you're a cave explorer or just shooting a couple photos of the stars & moon with the new night lapse mode on the new GoPro HERO4, then you know how heartbreaking it can be when you get the perfect shot and it ends up looking like this:

You may notice that it takes longer to take a photo when exposed to lower amounts of light. This is because the shutter is open longer, so the sensor can absorb as much light as it can to make the photo clear. Think of the shutter & sensor as a sponge: when you submerge a sponge in water for a short amount of time, the sponge doesn't absorb as much water as it would if it were exposed to water for a longer amount of time. 

It is nearly impossible to shoot in low light without a good, stable tripod. I highly recommend the 60" action tripod from Manfrotto. Be careful not to bump or move the tripod while it's taking the photo, otherwise, your photo will be ruined. Also be sure to pick up a good cleaning kit like the GO-clean GoPro Cleaning Kit.

Shooting Video In Low Light Settings

If you're shooting video in low light, you definitely will want to shoot with a lower framerate. Let's say if you were shooting a video with your GoPro on a vehicle, and you enter a tunnel with your GoPro shooting at 60fps, you'll notice that you won't get that crisp footage you were hoping for. Instead, you'll have quite a bit of noise. Thankfully, the new HERO4 comes with the auto low light mode that makes shooting in low light conditions easy. With this mode enabled, the camera automatically adjusts the frame rate to better suit the condition. If you have an older HERO, keep your framerates low if you know that you're going to be in a low light situation. I recommend shooting at either 30 or 24 FPS to get you the best results.

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