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5 Biggest Moments In X-Games History

With the Aspen X Games kicking off today, we’re counting down the 5 biggest moments in the history of this gripping sports event. It’s time to sit back and learn from the pros.

X Games Aspen Colorado


5. Janna Meyen – 2006

 Blazing through freshly packed snow, Meyen has always been known for her razor-sharp turns and her overall grace on the track. She became the first winter athlete to win a gold medal four years in a row, earning first place in Women’s Slopestyle.


4. Tanner Hall – 2008

 In a thrilling head-to-head mash up on the Ski SuperPipe, Hall earned a record-shattering three-peat victory in two winter sport competitions, Slopestyle and Ski SuperPipe.


3. Shaun White – 2010

Always a top performer at the X Games, White made history when he won his third straight gold medal in Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe. That same year, White also became the second person to earn a three-peat win in two different competitions, also winning in Snowboard Slopestyle.


2. Torin Yater-Wallace – 2011

At age 15, Yater-Wallace earned a spot in the history books as the youngest winter athlete to ever win a medal at the X Games, winning silver in Aspen in 2011. He came back in 2012 to earn a gold in Tignes.


1. Kaya Turski – 2012

Turski broke several records in 2012. She became the first female skier to land a switch 1080 on the slopes in competition.  That same year, she also became the first female skier to earn three gold medals in a row in Women’s Ski Slopestyle. 


Don’t forget to tune in to the X Games in Aspen, Colorado today through Sunday. We’ll be watching for all of this year’s record-breaking moments. As always, keep your equipment safe on the slopes with a headphone case or a GoPro case.

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