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Welcome | The Story of GOcase

Welcome to the official GOcase blog! We're excited to have this forum to share with you more about who we are, what we value, and generally keep you up to date on our products.

While GOcase launched in beta in January 2013, the concept for GOcase was already well formed. Founder, Eli Blatt, purchased the Parrot Zik headphones in September 2012 shortly after their global release. When he received the uber styley headphones, there was something missing in the box, a case! The concept of carrying around ~$400 headphones in a velvet bag in his backpack was...well...ludicrous really. At this point, it was really a minor setback, but nothing to get worked up about. After thoroughly (way too thoroughly) researching his options, he came up with some generic low quality case on eBay that would maybe be serviceable as an interim solution.

Frustrated with the turn of events, he thought, "I can make a nice case." Surely there were other people like him that weren't too excited about the idea of putting their beautifully designed headphones in a velvet bag or mediocre case. GOcase was launched shortly thereafter with the F-Type Headphone Case and the simple concept of making premium cases for the tech that you love.

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