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The 5 Best Drone Videos To Check Out Right Now

Look At The View from Above!

It’s amazing what you can do with a GoPro and a drone these days. Artists, athletes, and nature lovers are creating some spectacular videos that manage to present the world around us in startling new ways. From endless oceans to riotous music festivals, these five videos will definitely show you something you’ve never seen before.


Niagara Falls

This drone captures the wow factor of Niagara Falls with its massive drop-off and crushing white waters. It features incredible aerial views of one of the world’s most powerful natural wonders. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the Falls in person, this is your next-best alternative.



Stunning views of mountainous peaks, pristine glaciers and thawing streams. The natural world is changing fast north of the Canadian border. This spectacular high-def drone video preserves the icy beauty that once was Alaska.


Burning Man 2014

One of the wildest music festivals in the world comes thrillingly to life in this epic drone video. Crowds of people crawl like ants across a vast desert floor. Towering sculptures and whirling lights turn the party into a rousing artistic adventure. The view from above makes the event seem like another world, a distant planet where anything is possible.


Reunion Island – Drone Visites

An impressive piece of nature photography, this video highlights the magical wonders of Reunion Island off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. This real-life paradise is known for its tropical beaches, hosting the active Piton de la Fournaise volcano and for its sparkling waterfalls. The video also captures a range of sea creatures as they glide across the crystal blue waters.


Pipeline Winter 2013

Surfs up! Take a ride on the waves with this drone surfing video. It highlights the majestic beauty of the ocean with its soothing waves and stunning shades of blue. Hawaiian surfers bobble above the water as they wait for the perfect moment to catch a ride.


Capture your favorite moments in the air with some awesome drone videos. It’s the best way to show off your skills.

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