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The 5 Best Music Blogs You Need To Follow

Here at GOcase, we’re always looking for the latest sounds and artists to jam to. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite music blogs. Each one has an underground feel with lots of style. Check them out and let us know what you think!


Pitchfork (

Featuring reviews of the latest bands and albums, Pitchfork is your one-stop shop for everything new and exciting that’s happening in today’s music scene. Their “Best New Music” page is devoted to up and coming artists from around the world including indie bands and homemade YouTubers making waves online.


Stereogum (

Stereogum is constantly adding new music and information to all of their pages including industry news, album reviews and music videos. Their blog is updated religiously with new posts popping up every fifteen minutes. They’re also known for their stellar Q & A sessions with some of the industry’s leading artists.


Pop Justice (

As the Internet’s go-to place for the latest in pop music, Pop Justice has built a name for itself as a leader in all things hip and upbeat. Their team puts together some amazing playlists via SoundCloud and Spotify. The site features in-depth analysis of today’s must-hear musicians, rapid news alerts, and engaging interviews.


Tiny Mix Tapes (

Tiny Mix Tapes has all of your music blog essentials including a must-read newsfeed, hilarious playlist compilations, and engaging musician interviews. Yet, their website is quick to set itself apart. Visitors will find thought-provoking hand drawn comics, an emphasis on experimental voices and lesser-known artists, and some epic onsite imagery.


Fake Shore Drive (

The best of the Midwest. As a refreshing change of pace, Fake Shore Drive focuses on what’s happening in the middle of the country. Their name is a clever pun on Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive. Visitors will learn about everything that’s happening in the inland indie music scene. They also have an amazing eCommerce store featuring stylish hoodies and tees.


So there you have it - the top music blogs that you need to read. What music blogs do you follow?

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