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5 Of The Top Travel Blogs For Your Vacation Inspiration Needs

Whether you’re scouring the web for the perfect vacation destination, or just looking to live vicariously through someone else’s adventures abroad, there’s nothing like a good travel blog to show you what the great wide world has to offer. Here are a few of our favorites:


Along Dusty Roads

This backpacking blog offers budgeting tips, stunning images and wonderfully written travel posts on some of the most beautiful sites and cities in Latin America. If you’re planning on travelling anywhere in Mexico, Central, or South America, check out this blog for tips on how to put together an amazing journey that’s inexpensive, but never cheap.


A Hotel Life

Is there anything better than a stay at a nice hotel? The fresh linens, the endless supply of pristine white towels, the not having to clean up after yourself, the room service! Plus, hotels can be like living travel blogs in and of themselves. Looking for the best local restaurants and markets? need directions to the sites? Tickets to a show? Insider tips on some off-the-beaten-path nightlife spots? If you’re in the right hotel, all you need to do is ask the front desk. And to find the right hotel, all you need to do is head over to A Hotel Life for an extensive selection of reviews, tips, photos and insider info from a long list of well-traveled contributors.


That Backpacker/Nomadic Samuel

So this is actually two separate travel blogs, but I decided to put them together since each one is run by one half of the married couple behind the popular YouTube travel show Samuel & Audrey. And while you’d think that reading both might be a bit redundant, the two blogs actually complement each other quite nicely. Where Audrey’s blog, ‘That Backpacker’ offers concise rundowns of key sites and points of interest in each destination, as well as a few food and hotel tips, Sam’s blog, ‘Nomadic Samuel’ offers a bit more of a broad overview with a strong emphasis on his photography (which is gorgeous).


Will Travel for Food

Born out of the belief that food is the key to experiencing different cultures, this Montreal based food-travel blog dives fork-first into the vast and varied culinary traditions that make the world such a tasty place. From exotic delights, like roasted Guinea Pig in Peru, to a delightful tour of London’s happening food scene, this blog is the place to go for the wandering gourmand.

Classe Touriste

Looking to get a bit more adventurous? This blog focuses exclusively on exotic, off-the-beaten path locations and hard to reach destinations. From tracking a Polar Bear through the frozen kingdom of Arctic Canada, to a rare peek behind North Korea’s iron curtain, to a cozy stay at Kenya’s Kinondo Kwetu, “A small secret, far away from the awful all-inclusive resorts along Diani Beach,” this blog offers a different way to see the world. Plus, the photos are absolutely stunning.


No matter where you’re headed, a good travel blog can help you turn your next trip into a dream vacation. So log on and get packing!

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