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About Us

About GOcase

GOcase was born of the idea that cases and accessories for modern consumer electronics should look and feel as premium and design-forward as the devices they're for.  Focusing initially on the consumer audio and action camera markets, GOcase has a growing line of premium accessories designed to complement and enhance the experience of owning today's coolest tech.

About the Founder
Eli M. Blatt, Founder & CEO

Eli loves gadgets, tech, and being organized. He has Ph.D in Anthropological Sciences from Stanford University, where he was also a Management and Entrepreneurship Fellow at the Graduate School of Business, and a BA from Brown in Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences, as well as a background in management, technology, and UX consulting. His passion is snowboarding (if you check the growing library of GOcase videos, you’ll find him starring in a few!) and music/audio. All these interests came together when he founded GOcase.

His philosophy is that every device deserves to be stored in a case that complements the style and utility of the device, but often devices don’t come with cases, or else they leave something to be desired—the same goes for most aftermarket cases. He founded GOcase with the vision of creating premium cases and packs for cutting-edge products in niche markets that enhance the experience of owning those products.

Love your GOcase? Have a new product idea? Eli would love to hear from you and reads all emails coming into